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HeyScrubs.com was founded by Stephanie Corrales in 2017 with a simple goal in mind: to be a go-to resource for those interested in information related to the education, lifestyle, and career advancement of their chosen healthcare field.  

Prior to starting the site, Stephanie worked as a managing administrator at a career college, with campuses throughout the US, that focused on various entry-level medical professions.

During that time she noticed a need for more information. Whether it was from an aspiring student inquiring where or how to start their education, a current student wondering what comes after classes end, or a graduate wanting to know more about advancing in their field, there always seemed to be more questions than readily available answers. So that is what we aim to provide here.

What exactly can you expect to find on our website?

We strive to constantly bring the most relevant and up-to-date information to our readers that includes:

  • Information related to local and federal regulations regarding training, testing, and continuing education of a given healthcare field,
  • The importance of school accreditation, including the different types and outcomes associated with each,
  • Discussion regarding who to contact at the local (county or state) level regarding specific questions,
  • Tips and tricks to study for and pass required exams to gain certifications and/or licensing,
  • Completing a resume, and information regarding what companies may look for in potential healthcare employees,
  • Advice and opinions relating to useful apparel, accessories, and on-the-job tools, and
  • Advice and opinions relating to personal betterment to support career happiness and longevity.

Do you have questions or feedback regarding one of our posts? Whether you want to contribute to our community through your experience or insight, or if you simply have a technical question about the site, you can drop us a note in any of the comment sections and we will be happy to respond!

We want our readers to get the most out of their experience on our site. If you have ideas for articles you don’t see yet, or would just like to say hello, send us an email using the information on our contact page.

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Wishing you success on your healthcare career journey,

The HeyScrubs Team

Our Team

Stephanie Corrales

Stephanie Corrales

Founder and Managing Editor

She received a B.S. in Psychology and Neuroscience, and, recognizing the importance of pursuing an education and the difficulties that can be encountered on that path, Stephanie decided against continuing on to a doctoral degree.

Instead, she decided to enter the higher education field as a managing administrator to help others achieve their learning goals.

For over a decade, Stephanie’s experiences combined to include being a student at a community college, being a student and employee at a four-year university, and a director at a career college that focused largely on entry-level medical professions, giving her unique insight to the information pertinent to aspiring healthcare professionals.

That insight lead to the founding of HeyScrubs.com.