9 Best Scrubs for Men of 2024: Buying Guide and Reviews

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best scrubs for men

If you’re in the healthcare industry, regardless of your job title, you know the importance of finding the best scrubs for men on the market.

There are tons of brands and styles out there, so choosing one set can be tough. Luckily for you, we’ve made it easy by picking out some of the most comfortable and efficient scrubs for men.

Best Scrubs for Men: Quick Look

Why Are Scrubs Important?

Almost all medical professionals wear scrubs as part of their uniform. Although some doctors choose to wear a white coat over dress clothes instead, many are beginning to make the shift to scrubs as well. Why is this the case? Because scrubs perform in a way that street clothes cannot.

Scrubs are designed to be functional and durable. They are often one color to both help medical professionals see when they have been compromised by bacteria and also to hide the inevitable stains that appear on them over time.

These medical uniforms are created from fabrics that are used in your typical street clothes but are often made much stronger to last through the rigorous cleaning process that is necessary to remove the germs and bacteria that attach to the uniform through the course of the day.

Some scrubs are disposable, while others are made incredibly strong. Which are right for you is based on your career. If you are working in a dental office, you can likely wear the same scrubs week after week. If you’re a surgical doctor or nurse, your scrubs are more likely to be disposable to reduce the risk of bacteria transfer.

If you are new to the medical world and looking for the best men's scrubs to buy, there are a lot of factors to consider. Make sure you understand what you will be doing on a day-to-day basis to understand what type of scrubs you will need in your repertoire.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Scrubs for Men

There are a lot of things to consider when buying the best scrubs for nurses and health care professionals: comfort, flexibility, durability, and more.

We looked at those same factors and more when compiling this list. To help you understand our choices, and to make a solid pick on your own, let’s check out a few things to look for in new scrubs. 

how to to choose the best scrubs for men


For newcomers in the medical field, what color scrubs you get may not seem like a big deal, but the reality is that some colors are better than others for certain situations. For instance, just because your workplace doesn’t have a specific uniform does not mean that they won’t require specific color schemes on your scrubs.

Additionally, if you’re working in a children’s hospital or pediatric doctor’s office, it’s a good idea to have colors or patterns that appeal more to your patients rather than the bland blacks and blues you see most often in hospitals.


You can buy scrubs with just about as many or as few pockets as you like. There is plenty of variety out there. But what are pockets used for, and how do you know how many you’ll need?

Ask most floor nurses, and they’ll tell you how useful pockets can be. In a healthcare setting your hands can fill up fast, so having a pocket accessible where non-sterile items can be stored on your rounds is essential to your mental health.

A word of warning on our beloved pockets: studies show that bacteria can build up in pockets quicker than other areas of your scrubs and that bacteria can be harder to clean out of pockets than other areas. Make sure if you do choose to have pockets, you wash your hands before and after reaching into them.


It’s an undeniable fact: scrubs are pricey. Getting a pair that is going to last for a long time is vital to your pocketbook. Learning how to wash scrubs and making sure you treat them well is obviously necessary to promote their longevity, but picking out a great pair in the first place always helps.

Check out the brands and read some reviews (like this one) on the best in the business. Ask your peers what kinds they have and how long each has lasted. Check for the most durable fabrics like polyester, cotton, or even microfiber.


Although unisex scrubs exist, it’s important to understand that the fit of them will likely not be as comfortable as a scrub that is specifically made for men. There are many reasons for that, including general differences in men and women’s shapes.

Unisex scrubs are fine if they are disposable, but for a major purchase, getting something that is made for men is your best bet for finding the most comfortable scrubs during your 10 to 12-hour shifts. Comfort doesn’t stop at just buying a men’s scrub, however, finding the proper fit for you can take some time and energy. 

Some scrubs meant to fit tighter than others. The fit is often less about comfort and more about keeping contaminants off patients, so a tighter scrub is a good idea if you’re working in an environment where infectious disease could potentially attach to your scrubs in one room and transfer to a patient in another. Also, make sure to leave a little room if you going to wear clothes under your scrubs like a compression shirt or leggings.

Looser scrubs may be a good idea for individuals who will be walking around, bending, stooping, and overall moving for their shifts. Yes, most medical professionals do, but some professions require much more of this type of behavior than others, so be honest with yourself about how much you move each day.

Finally, part of finding the right fit is finding the right style. Wrap around, or button scrubs will fit differently than V-neck styles, which will fit differently than crew neck styles. If your hospital or workplace gives you an option on style, make sure you take the time to see which fits best and makes you the most comfortable.  

The Best Scrubs for Men Reviews

To help you get the most out of this article, we have broken up our reviews into three categories: tops, bottoms, and sets.

best scrubs for men reviews

Best Men’s Scrub Tops

We will start by reviewing the best scrub tops you can buy in 2024.

Our Pick

Cherokee Workwear Unisex V-Neck Scrub Top

PROS: 18 color and patterns, patch and chest pockets, extremely wide size range, antimicrobial scrubs, stretch and tear resistant fabric 

CONS: May run small on men, thin material gives cheap feeling, no pen pocket

SIZES: XX Small - 5X Large

Our top pick comes in just about any color you could think of (18 in total), and although it’s considered a unisex top, it was clearly designed with men in mind.

The top comes with patch pockets so you will never be far from all of your supplies. It features core stretch technology to allow your scrubs to move with you as you work through even the longest shift.

The size selection on this top is awesome, ranging from XX-Small all the way to 5X and 2X Tall, so finding the right size and fit for you won’t be a concern when you purchase this top.

Finally, this top is made with antimicrobial materials to help reduce odors and fabric degradation over time. This is a great top for you regardless of your specific medical profession due to its ability to keep the germs at bay.


FIGS Chisec Three-Pocket Scrub Top for Men

PROS: Tailored fit, durable double-needle stitching, antimicrobial, anti-wrinkle

CONS: Small range of sizes, few color options, runs large

SIZES: X Small - XX Large

If you’re looking for a tailored fit just for men, this is a great option for you. This top by FIGS, a leader in the scrub industry, features soft fabric, a V-Neck cut, and four-way stretch technology for extreme comfort and fit through your longest and toughest shift.

Durability is the focus with this top. It may look too stylish to be durable, but the top boasts reinforced, double-needle stitching to improve durability and strength without compromising comfort or fit.

This top is moisture wicking, so your worries about sweat and temperature control are no more. The fabric is also antimicrobial and anti-wrinkle, as well as liquid repellant. FIGS does a great job of giving medical workers everything they need in one package with this option. On top of all it all, the top is also soft and lightweight.

The downside for these scrubs has to be the lack of color and size options. If you are working in a place that requires a specific scrub color, especially one that is not considered “standard” by the industry, you aren’t likely to find it in the six colors this top comes in.

Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub Top

PROS: Wide range of colors and patterns, tradesmen pocket with pen slots, durable construction, large size range

CONS: Cotton material means shrinkage can occur during washing, runs large, pricey compared to other brands

SIZES: X Small - XXX Large

With 13 colors to choose from, this Carhartt scrub top is a great option for those looking for a more basic style in a uniform-matching color scheme. The short-sleeve scrub top is a slightly higher V-neck than those we have seen thus far, and it does not have patch pockets, just one pocket on the chest.

This top is one and a half inches longer in the back than the front and is made from cotton and polyester. It has reinforced threads to increase durability and has been sanded slightly on the inside for increased softness for the wearer.

A fun feature in this top is the tradesmen pocket on the chest, which provides angled pen slots. You won’t lose your writing utensils easily while you bend and stoop in this top: a definite bonus.

The size range on the Carhartt Ripstop is from X-Small to 3X-Large, so most men should be able to find their proper size and fit. The top is tagless to increase comfort as well, so no more itching while on the job.

Dickies Men’s EDS Signature Unisex V-Neck Scrub Top

PROS: True to size, 19 colors and patterns, pen slots, durable

CONS: Thick and not very breathable, wrinkles easy, limited sizes

SIZES: X Small - X Large

This Dickies top, at nineteen total options, boasts our largest color selection yet. Although the size range is small at only X-Small to X-Large, finding a uniform color among the large range in this top will not be difficult for you.

The brushed cotton fabric will help your skin breath all day, and the cotton polyester blend will help with durability. This top also features side vents and a chest pocket with pen slots for easy access to a writing utensil that won’t fall out as you move around.

The material on this top is thick to promote a long-lasting scrub. Although it does not wick moisture or vent quite as well as others, we have seen this top is definitely durable. This top runs true to size for most folks, so the issues we have seen with other tops are not likely to manifest with this model.

When you work in the medical world, you always want to portray your best self. This top tends to wrinkle easily, so you will want to keep it hung up or folded neatly, and you may have to iron it occasionally to keep it looking its best.

Best Men's Scrub Pants

Now that you’ve picked out your perfect scrub top let’s talk pants. What you wear on the bottom is just as important as what you wear on top. Durability, style, and fit are not just for tops. Let’s take a look at some of our favorites for 2024.

Our Pick

Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Men’s Cargo Pant

PROS: Soften with age, 5 total pockets, huge color range, long-lasting, elastic waist, drawstring, and zippered fly

CONS: Small size range, runs long in the legs, no closures on cargo pockets

SIZES: Small - 5X Large

With 24 colors to choose from and a wide range of sizes, these Cherokee Workwear scrub pants are hard to beat. They are made from a cotton and polyester mix with soil release technology and bring durability to a new level.

The natural rise and elastic waist with a drawstring mean a perfect fit every time. These pants also feature a functional zip fly. There are four side cargo pockets on these pants and one patch pocket on the back. With all of that room, you will never have to worry about not having enough hands to carry your tools of the trade.

The legs on these pants tend to run a bit long, so they might not be the best choice for shorter folks, but overall they are true to size, and they do have options to purchase in “short” to help alleviate the long-leg problem.

The Cherokee Workwear brand is known for getting softer and more comfortable with age, and these pants are no exception. They are inexpensive and durable to boot, so these are a fantastic pick and our favorite of 2024.


FIGS Axim Cargo Scrub Pants for Men

PROS: Antimicrobial fabric, anti-wrinkle and modern cut, seven functional pockets, extremely soft and comfortable, moisture resistant

CONS: Small color range, limited sizes, no drawstring or fly, only elastic waistband

SIZES: X Small - XX Large

These antimicrobial and anti-wrinkle scrub pants are another great option from FIGS. They don’t have the wide selection of color that our top pick had, but they are durable and have some amazing features that may just make them your new favorite pair.

The fit on these scrub pants is structured with a straight leg and an athletic waistband. The reinforced double stitching on these pants will keep them going for a long time, and the FIONTechnology fabric is moisture wicking for ultimate comfort. The material is also moisture resistant to help keep you clean.

These pants look professional without giving up comfort. The fit is modern and athletic, so you will not have a problem earning the respect of your patients. The total of seven functional pockets means you will never run out of storage space. The four-way stretch fabric helps you to remain comfortable even on the longest shift.

Dickies Generation Flex Men’s Scrub Pant

PROS: Wide range of sizes, large color selection, drawstring and elastic waist, multiple pockets, cargo and otherwise 

CONS: Shiny appearance, not true to size, baggy fit

SIZES: X Small - 5X Large

Made from cotton, polyester, and spandex, these pants are designed to fit well and move with your body so you won’t have to worry about losing comfort as the day goes on. These pants are relaxed fit with an elastic waistband and drawstring so they will fit day after day, year after year.

These cargo pants feature slanted hand pockets, a single back pocket and multiple cargo pockets for your convenience. One of the cargo pockets even features a snap closure, so you won’t have to worry about losing an important document or piece of equipment as you make your rounds.

The Generation Flex Youtility Scrub Pants come in a wide range of sizes and colors to fit any person and any workplace. The look of these pants is a bit shinier than you may expect of scrubs because of the spandex within the mix, but the overall appearance is still professional.

Like many of the scrubs we have reviewed, these are not always true to size, so you will need to follow the size chart if you choose to order them online rather than buying them in a store.

Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Multi-Cargo Scrub Pant

PROS: Eight pockets with tradesmen pocket, reinforced fabric for durability, wide size range, utility loop feature, functional zipper fly and belt loops

CONS: Not true to size, extra-long legs, slanted pocket openings are small and tough to get into

SIZES: X Small - 3X Large

These Carhartt cargo scrub pants come in a large variety of sizes from X-Small to 3X-Large. They also feature 15 different colors, so you are likely to find almost any uniform color in these pants.

The eight total pockets will help to keep all of your belongings safe and secure, and the full functioning zipper fly, drawstring, and half elastic back will keep these pants in place no matter how full the pockets become. There is also one utility loop on the wearer’s right side on these pants to add to their convenience.

Reinforced threads provide durability, and like most Carhartt products, the inside is lightly sanded for added softness and comfort that lasts. The Ripstop technology fights wear and tear as well, so you’re sure to have these pants for a long time.

Finally, these pants feature a tradesmen pocket with angled pen slots so you can keep a few extra utensils on you at all times, adding to their overall comfort and convenience.

Best Men's Scrub Set

We will only be featuring our top pick for a scrub set in 2024 here. Scrub sets are harder to find than individual pants and tops, but they are nice to have since they don’t allow for any human error in terms of color or design. Let’s take a look at our top pick.

Our Pick

Cherokee Uniforms Authentic Workwear Unisex Scrub Set

PROS: Chest pocket features pencil slot, 29 color options, durable fabric, individual sizing for top and pants

CONS: Drawstring waist only, limited storage pockets, unisex means cut can be boxy

SIZES: XX Small - Large

This set is made from poly-cotton for durability and comfort. The top features dolman sleeves and a chest pocket with pencil slot, while the pants feature an adjustable drawstring waist and cargo pockets on one side only.

This set comes in a total of 29 colors, so you are sure to find the right one for your uniform or desire. The sizes for a set like this can be confusing, but this set does sizing right by giving you options for the top and bottom separately, rather than forcing the same size top and pants. They even come in tall and short sizes.

The downside to this set mostly lies with the pants. The waistband is not elastic, so you are forced to rely only on the drawstring to hold them up, which can make them difficult to put on and keep on when the pockets are full. In addition to the waistband, the storage is limited as well with only one pocket on the pants.

Like most Cherokee brand scrubs, this set softens with wear and washing, so expect a slightly stiffer and rougher feel right away. The softness comes quickly after a couple of washes, though, so don’t let that intimidate you if you’re looking for a great scrub set.


We’ve looked at some great options for scrub tops, bottoms, and sets here. As you can tell, different brands have different focuses when it comes to what they think is important in a pair of scrubs. Your job is to figure out what is the most important to you, whether it’s pockets and storage, comfort, durability, or fit.

In our opinion, Cherokee’s Workwear V-Neck Scrub top and the Cherokee Workwear Scrubs Men’s Cargo Pant are the best bang for your buck. There’s a wide assortment of color options, the scrubs are antimicrobial, and durable enough to handle long days at the office. Additionally, the size ranges should cover just about anyone. Cherokee is about as good as it gets in the world of scrubs, so we feel confident in our picks.

It’s important to understand that buying scrub pants and tops separately can be a great idea because you are able to get the perfect fit and style in both pieces of the eventual set. However, there can be some discrepancies in color and look when you purchase this way, so if you are concerned, a set may be right for you.

Purchasing the right pair of scrubs can seem stressful, especially if it’s your first time. Just remember to use our handy buyers guide above, and understand the pros and cons of each set. If you can do that, you’re sure to find the right pair for you.

What do you think are the best scrubs for men? Let us know in the comments below!

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