10 Best Scrubs for Women of 2023: Buying Guide and Reviews

When investing in daily-use items, it is important to consider the details - and that is especially true when looking to purchase the best scrubs for women of 2023.

But when you’re out looking for new scrubs, you are sure to find there are a lot of options to choose from.

The cost, quality of fabric, style, and overall durability of the product should be considered in order to make the selection that will work best for your needs.

Whether you’re on the hunt for scrubs that are cost effective or a set that is stylish, and everything in between, we aim to help narrow down your search until you find the perfect scrubs.

Using input from individuals in various healthcare fields, insider-information from industry leading scrub manufacturers, and hundreds of compiled reviews from actual wearers, our buying guide breaks down the features we find most important to scrutinize prior to making your purchase.

Best Scrubs for Women of 2023: Quick Look

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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Scrubs for Women

Before you start filling those online carts or find yourself frustrated trying on many different styles in store, there are some useful tips and things to consider to help you find the most comfortable scrubs.

By the end of this article, you should have all the information you need to get the perfect scrubs for your needs.

how to choose the best scrubs for women

Fabric Options

Go to any store to pick out an article of clothing, and one of the first things you’ll find yourself doing is feeling the fabric. Is it soft, or will it chaffe? Does it feel sturdy and like it will hold up to multiple washings, or does it seem like it will fall apart after a few wears? Does it stretch? Will it keep you a comfortable temperature while you wear it?

These are all important factors to consider. If you start your search with a basic knowledge of the fabrics scrubs are made of and how their content can benefit you during the workday, you will find yourself less overwhelmed with the many choices available.

Standard Fabric Choices

Cotton: Considered a staple fiber, cotton fabric is made from the natural cotton plant and is almost entirely cellulose. You will frequently see some of the best quality scrubs with a high cotton content - and for good reason.

The fabric allows your body to stay cool, dry, and itch-free, arguably better than synthetic and oil-based fabrics, and is an excellent choice for people with sensitive skin. 

You’ll also be glad to know cotton fabrics retain less odor and wash out odors more completely than the synthetic counterparts, meaning your clothes could require fewer washes and come out more cleanly than scrubs made of different materials - a definite plus when you think of all the things your scrubs may come in contact with during the day! 

Perhaps most importantly, cotton is also an extremely wearable fabric. It allows for enough stretch while still holding its intended shape, it avoids pilling and general signs of wear, doesn’t hold an electric charge and, therefore, won’t uncomfortably cling to your body, and it’s durable and meant to last.

Scrubs with a high cotton content are comfortable and generally more affordable than they have been previously.

Polyester: The word “polyester” can elicit strong associations: your grandma’s couch, a 70s leisure suit, or some other generally unflattering item. So why consider it as a fabric in your scrubs? Well, there are actually numerous reasons!

This synthetic fabric is tough, and an excellent option for items that need to be washed and worn repeatedly. You will find that your scrubs will come out of the dryer wrinkle-free and ready to wear, where some cotton fabrics might require time to hang dry or an iron to present a work-ready appearance.

Polyester also holds dye well, meaning when you opt for vibrant colors or bold patterns in your scrubs, they will stay looking like-new for longer than those made of another material.

You should take note, though, that polyester and heat tend to not mix well - the fabric can easily melt if it comes in contact with an iron set to a high temperature, and because of its dense and sturdy nature it can make for noticeably less lightweight, breathable scrubs than other fabrics.

With those thoughts it mind, scrubs with a good blend of polyester can be relatively inexpensive and last a long time.

Sporty Fabrics

Spandex: Also known as Lycra (a registered brand name) or elastane, spandex is a synthetic fabric with many benefits.

Known for its ability to stretch and return to its original form, spandex is a great choice for people who need to move comfortably with an unrestricted range of motion throughout their day. 

The material is also lightweight and resistant to body oils and perspiration - definite bonuses for those who are on the go all day.

best womens scrubs

If you choose a set of scrubs with a fair amount of spandex, you will find they may be more comfortable for long periods of time and tend to wash and wear with ease.

Keep in mind that, while the fabric can be resilient, you would be wise to wash it with some care to help the clothes last longer (think cooler water temperatures and no bleach). It’s also worth mentioning that white spandex fabrics tend to yellow over time.

Rayon: Rayon is another material with a cellulose base and has many of the same qualities as cotton.

It is breathable, soft to the touch, and doesn’t hold an electric charge (hooray for no static cling!), so you likely won’t mind spending the day in scrubs with a good rayon blend. 

The textile is often blended with other materials, like cotton and polyester, to help with cost savings or increased comfort. The washing instructions may be affected by the amount of rayon present in the scrubs - so be sure to keep this in mind.

Scrub sets with higher rayon content may require cold water, a more gentle cycle, time to hang dry, or even a dry cleaning.

Technical and Enhanced Fabrics

In addition to the basic blends of fabric, the best women’s scrubs will often include a technical aspect to enhance their performance during your workday.

Here are some terms you may come across during your search:

Moisture Wicking: When you spend hours on your feet and constantly on the move, the last thing you’ll want is to have any part of your clothing damp - whether it’s from perspiration or a hazard from the job - and scrubs that advertise as “moisture wicking” can definitely help get you through the day.

Most of the time these scrubs will have a fair amount of polyester blended in, since it holds less than 0.5% of moisture and cotton (for comparison) holds about 7%.

It is also not uncommon for fabrics to be chemically treated, creating a physical barrier between the moisture and the fabric.

Much of the ability to keep your body dry, though, comes from the way the fabric itself is woven. Wicking fabrics will have a weave that allows moisture to travel through gaps until it is forced to the outer shell of the garment.

Liquid Repellant: Similar to a moisture wicking fabric, scrubs that advertise as “liquid repellant” are meant to keep you dry and comfortable during your day - the difference lies in how they make that happen.

Clothing that repels liquid are coated in a durable water repellent (or DWR) finish when being manufactured to make them hydrophobic (literally “afraid of water”). This means that liquids will bead up and fall off the surface of your scrubs before they ever get a chance to soak in to the fabric!

While this is no doubt a tempting perk to search for in your perfect set of scrubs, there are some things to consider.

You may find that the DWR coating makes your scrubs less breathable, keeping you on the warmer side during the day.

It is also possible for the factory-applied coating to wear off over time, and while you can buy aftermarket spray-on or wash-in treatments to help maintain the repelling technology, they do come at an additional expense.

Antimicrobial: Antimicrobial scrubs, like liquid repelling scrubs, are treated with various chemicals during manufacturing to obtain their desired outcome.

Meant to inhibit the bacterial microbe growth on fabrics, chemicals like quaternary ammonium and triclosan are used in numerous fabrics in medical settings (think hospital bed linens, privacy curtains, medical gowns, and even gauze and bandages), and are a useful scientific advancement to those in the medical field.

However, these treatments may also wear out or become less effective over time, meaning you may need to invest in replacements sooner than you would with other types of scrubs.

You may extend the life of the chemicals’ effectiveness, though, by following the recommended care instructions included with your scrubs.

Wrinkle Free: No one wants to show up for work looking unprepared or unprofessional in wrinkled clothes, so pieces that are marketed as “wrinkle free scrubs” can be appealing for many reasons.

Often these clothes are made of sturdy fabrics, with a good polyester/cotton blend, that can be washed and worn with little thought.

Many of these scrubs may be treated with a resin that emits trace amounts of the chemical formaldehyde (yes, the one you’re thinking of) to maintain their wrinkle free look.

While there are plenty of people who can wear these items daily without a second thought, those with allergies or sensitive skin could find they react negatively to the chemical.

Washing the items thoroughly prior to your first wear can help reduce any negative reactions, and, you may find the wrinkle free scrubs to be your go-to set for those hectic mornings getting ready for work.

Cut and Fit

With a basic understanding of the fabrics you may find in the most popular women’s scrubs out of the way, you should also take some time to familiarize yourself with the various cuts and fits women’s scrub tops and women’s scrub pants can come in.

Finding scrubs that fit you well will allow you to move freely during your day without worrying about adjusting and pulling at your uniform repeatedly.

And once you find the cuts and fits you’re most comfortable in, you’ll be able to find the best scrubs online without wondering whether you should try them on first. 

Scrub Tops

Everything from the neckline to the length of your scrub top can contribute to your comfort (or discomfort) during the day. Let’s take a look at some of the choices you’ll have to consider:


Necklines can be one of the most important factors when selecting women’s scrubs.

Choosing something that sits too low may cause employers to question their appropriateness for the workplace, but choosing something too high may keep you too warm or feeling restricted during the day.

So how do you know which one is best? It will mostly come down to personal preference.

V necks are cut just like they sound - in the shape of a “V.” They can be flattering since the shape frames your face nicely, and can give your scrubs a little breathability during a long workday.

You should be mindful, though, of how deep the “V” is cut (or how much of your chest it exposes) since you wouldn’t want your work wear to be too revealing or to not meet company guidelines.

Crew neck (or round neck) tops are cut in a round shape and usually sit near your collarbone.

A simple neckline that has been in fashion for a long time, you can bet that finding a comfortable crew neck scrub top can easily become a staple item in your wardrobe.

This cut could be beneficial for those who prefer their clothes be on the more modest side, or for those who simply prefer a little extra fabric to keep warmer.

High necklines are another cut that look just like they sound - they typically sit at or above your collarbone.

While you might immediately picture this type of scrub top to be ultra-conservative, there are lots of fun details used today to make this type of neckline a very fashionable choice.

You may come across scrub tops with keyhole or notch-neck features and find them to be an excellent way to help you express personal fashion that is work appropriate.

The Body

The body of any women’s scrub top goes a long way in providing comfort and fashion, and there are many styles and details you can choose from.

Wrap tops are meant to look like the fabric is literally wrapped around your body (like the way you would close a robe or certain trench coats), creating a V neck and drawing attention to your natural waist (where you would cinch the wrap).

Mock wrap or faux wrap scrub tops mimic that shape without actually needing a method to cinch the wrap closed.

This style of top can be very flattering to those looking to hide excess weight in the midsection, and can accentuate desired features to create a feminine shape.

Seam placement can go a long way in providing comfort and style to your scrub top. Many of the best selling women’s scrub tops utilize a variation of princess seams, which allow for a smooth, flattering fit that most find easy to wear.

Numerous other scrub tops use an empire waist, which uses a tighter fit in the bustline and a more loose fit below the high waisted seam, that those with a larger chest or those wanting the look of an hourglass shape might find preferable.

Front and back yokes are used not only as a design novelty, but also to provide structural support for areas of the garment that may need it most.

While there are many people who will have no problem wearing items with this kind of seaming, certain body types may find it too restricting to want to wear daily.

Keep in mind the overall fabric content of your scrub top will play a large part in how comfortable you find a certain type of seaming - a yoke, for example, may be no problem in a fabric blend with plenty of stretch, while you may find you don’t like it at all in a simple polyester top.


Length of a women’s scrub top is a simple, yet sometimes overlooked, detail when selecting the best fit for yourself.

Women who are shorter tend to have no issue with tops cut to hit at the top of the hips, while those of average or above average height may find themselves constantly tugging their tops down throughout the day.

As a solution, you may try searching for tunic-length tops, or, depending on the cut, you could try sizing up on a regular length scrub top to get the benefit of the increased length with a slightly looser fit.

Scrub Bottoms

If you’ve done any sort of shopping for women’s clothing lately, you’ll understand that finding the perfect fitting pants can be a daunting task, but it can be less scary if you break it down:


The waistline of women’s scrub pants is, arguably, where people have the most issues.

Do you look for something that sits where your favorite pair of jeans does, or should they come higher up your waist? Do you want pants with an adjustable fastener, or something you can pull on and off?

There is much to consider, and plenty of options for you to try.

The rise of a pant, measured from the center of the crotch seam to the top of the waistband, is important.

Not only does it determine where on your body your pants will actually sit, it is where people will perceive your waistline to be, so finding the rise you like will keep you comfortable and help you express your personal style.

Items labeled “low rise” typically hit at or slightly below your hip bones, “mid rise” closer to your belly button, and “high waist” will hit the closest to your natural waist, often over your belly button.

Regardless of the rise you choose, you will want to ensure you are able to perform your daily duties without feeling overly-exposed or like you need to constantly adjust your pants.

You will also need to consider the type of fastener you want. Many in the medical field find a drawstring waist preferable because it can hold the weight of everything carried in your pockets or clipped to the pants and can be adjusted as needed.

Scrub pants can have a standard outer drawstring or an inner drawstring, and the benefits of each is largely personal preference.

Yoga inspired waistbands are becoming a popular option for comfort and their flattering appearance. You will find both a flat and fold-over style.

If you prefer a simple pant, creased front scrub pants are a good option that can be easy to wear for long days. In addition to standard, pull on style scrub pants you may also find styles with more unusual fasteners like velcro, hook and eye latches, or buttons.

These types of fasteners may lead to more restricted movement and, since they cannot be adjusted like a drawstring, may hold less weight of items carried in the pants.

The Leg

The leg of a pair of scrub pants can come in many shapes in sizes. You may find you are comfortable in a few different types, or you may try numerous styles before finding the one you’re most comfortable in.

A tapered scrub pant will have a leg that narrows toward your ankle and will sometimes include details like ruching, where the fabric is gathered slightly to create a slimming effect.

Wide leg or straight leg scrub pants are typically cut in a straight line from the waist to the floor, and are a good option for those who find a more close-fitting cut too restrictive.

Bootcut or flare leg are considered more form fitting scrub pants through the thigh with the fabric gradually flaring from the knee to the bottom of the pant, and fit comfortably over the top of your shoes.

Regardless of the style you choose, you will want to be mindful that the length of your scrub pants is appropriate for your workplace. Employers will not want to see pant legs dragging on the ground, and, aside from looking unprofessional, your pants will last longer when they are worn properly.

Many manufacturers sell their most popular women’s scrubs in various lengths, like tall and petite, to help avoid issues with fit.

It's All in the Details

After you narrow down the basics of types of scrubs you want you can consider the details that will accurately reflect your personal fashion and needs in the workplace.

Will you prefer a solid color or a pattern to express your style? Do you know what kind of fasteners or accessories you want included on your scrub set? What kind and how many pockets do you prefer?


Pockets are surely at the top of the list for most medical professionals when considering the best scrubs to buy. Everything from the number to the type of pockets included will be important, and the combinations available from sellers today is almost unlimited.

womens scrub top with pockets

Where the pockets are placed on both the top and bottom of your scrubs will make a huge difference during your workday.

Women’s scrub tops can include patch or breast pockets on one or both sides, and are often a go-to for frequently used, medium sized items like notepads or gloves. You will also see lots of options for front or side waist pockets that can be layered to accommodate and organize items of various sizes.

Since they are on the top of your uniform, you may find yourself utilizing these pockets a lot during your shift. Like the tops, women’s scrub pants will have options for front and side pockets, but you will also see plenty of bottoms with single and double back pockets as well as utility or cargo pockets down one or both pant legs. 

These kinds of accessories are beneficial for those who prefer simple and constant access to the things that make their jobs easier, making it possible to complete duties with fewer trips to a central station for needed supplies.

How the pockets are finished is also something to consider. If you find yourself doing a lot of twisting and bending during the day you may want pockets with some type of closure to avoid items shifting or falling out of place.

On the other hand, if your work requires less range of motion and more office work, you may want pockets that are accessible without any sort of clasp in the way. 

As you browse scrub selections, take note of whether the pockets have a zipper, velcro, or flap closure and think about how easily or how often you would need access to that area.

You may also want to see how flat the pocket lays on the uniform, since bulky fabric or closing methods may get in the way of your day to day tasks. Checking the seams around the pocket is also a good idea, since pockets you plan to store a lot of items in or pockets you plan to utilize frequently will need durable and reliable stitching to avoid wearing out quickly.

womens scrub pants with pockets

You will see lots of pockets designed for specific purposes, like holding scissors or pens, that can be surprisingly useful. You should also think about whether the pocket will be used for personal or work related items.

Do you need a pocket large enough to hold a personal cell phone during the day? Do you need a discreet pocket with some sort of closure to carry medicines or sanitary items? Do you need a pocket that will be easily accessible that will keep your glasses safe when you’re not wearing them?

Women’s scrubs will come with all kinds of pockets that vary in depth and width, the type you choose will rely on your personal preference.

Lastly, the number of pockets you find yourself needing or wanting will be entirely up to you. Some people find having more pockets useful, while others might find they weigh the uniform down and make them uncomfortable during the day.

Some people prefer the clean look of a scrub top with minimal pockets, so select pants with more room for storing items they need. Keep these things in mind as you decide which types of scrubs you like.


Accessories included on women’s scrub tops and pants can serve many purposes in the workplace. 

Various closures like ties, zippers, or buttons are meant to keep the uniform in place. Some people find women’s scrub tops with ties to be cumbersome and feel like they get in the way of their daily tasks, while others find them preferable because they allow for adjustment as needed.

Zippers can be used on women’s scrub tops as a means for altering fit or as a method to take the top on and off (as opposed to a traditional pull-on style). How well the scrub top is made will have a lot to do with how comfortable you find the zipper to be during your workday, so be sure to take that in to consideration as you try them on.

Side slits and elastic banding in both scrub tops and scrub pants are sometimes used to make the garments more easily wearable. You may find slits of a few inches on the bottom of each side of a scrub top, making it easier to bend over and stand up repeatedly without needing to pull at the top to readjust.

Similarly, slits at the bottom of each pant leg allow the leg to sit easily over any work appropriate shoe.

Elastic can be used to create a band under the bustline of a top to keep it in place, or around the waistline of a pant to make it easy to pull on and off.

You will be more likely to want to wear items that are sewn well and that fit properly when elastic is used, as it can quickly become uncomfortable if it is too tight or gets twisted from being poorly put together.


Design of a set of women’s scrubs is a great way to reflect your personality, but also needs to meet your employers requirements while on the job.

Someone who works with younger patients might benefit from scrubs that are brightly colored, have bold patterns, or a character theme, while someone who works in an aesthetic medicine office may be required to wear something more subdued.

Whatever your preference or requirement, there are ways to make the scrubs flattering for you:

If you want a top with patterns, multiple colors, or themes, see if you can find something in a cut with cleaner lines to avoid making it look too busy. These kind of tops can be good investment pieces, since they can be mixed and matched with lots of different colors and styles of scrub pants, making your work wardrobe go further.

Scrubs in solid colors are a great opportunity to find flattering or non-standard cuts as a way to make a statement with your uniform. Solid colors can be beneficial because they can make for a very professional and clean appearance, and can also be mixed and matched as a means of stretching your wardrobe pieces.

Extra Considerations

By now you know that choosing the perfect set of scrubs is a lot more than finding a uniform you like to wear every day. In addition to thinking about the fabric, the cut and fit, and the details of the scrubs you’re looking at, take some time to also think about:

how to to wash womens scrubs

The importance of care instructions​​​​

You will find yourself suddenly caring very little how comfortable your scrubs are or how much you like wearing them if they require an inordinate amount of time to clean once you take them off.

It’s true there are some who have many items of clothing that can only be dry cleaned, and they don’t have any issues getting those items to and from the cleaners regularly - but there are also plenty of people who find that to be a chore they don’t need.

For those interested, there are mobile dry cleaning services that can help alleviate the task by picking up and dropping off dry-clean only items, sometimes even directly from your workplace.

Be sure to think about the added cost of such services before you purchase scrubs that require dry cleaning.

Slightly less time consuming are the items that call for a gentle cycle or time to hang-dry.

Of course, washing scrubs in this manner can be beneficial because it can prolong the life of your uniform and keep the colors and patterns more vibrant than if they were washed in a quicker cycle and dried in high heat.

The downside is that you have to ensure you have the time to complete the chore as needed. If you’re busy with family life, school, or long shifts at work, you may not want to spend the added time waiting for a gentle cycle to finish or for clothes to air-dry.

Many people find they prefer the convenience of wash and wear type clothes - especially when it comes to a work uniform. Lots of women’s scrubs on the market today are made to be cleaned and dried with minimal effort and come out of the dryer looking professional and work-ready (think un-wrinkled).

This is helpful for obvious reasons, but the downside is it may mean your scrubs will require replacement sooner than later. Daily use and basic washing can break down the durability of any fabric, so be sure to think about how soon you want to re-invest in workwear. 

Depending on your fabric blend and the type of environment you work in, you may need an iron to finish and to look your professional best. Be sure to check the temperature requirement of your fabric blend, or if the scrubs are able to be ironed at all.

Remember that polyester can easily melt under heat, so scrubs with a high content may be better off skipping the iron and taking a tumble in the dryer to get the wrinkles out instead.

best womens scrubs cost

The importance of your scrubs’ cost-per-wear

You may not have thought about it before, but the price you pay for your scrubs can be broken down into a per-wear amount.

Some popular scrub brands are known to be more affordable, but it may be due to a lower quality product that requires replacement more frequently. If you find a scrub top for $10, but you are only able to wear it for six months before it shows too many signs of wear, you should consider that you may have been better off buying a top for $20 that lasts a few years.

Cheaper scrubs can be useful if you know you don’t intend to keep them for a considerable length of time. If you are working temporarily for an employer that requires a certain color or scrub type that you don’t particularly care for, you may opt to buy less expensive scrubs until you are able to purchase pieces you intend to get more use out of.

If you know your weight will fluctuate due to pregnancy, for example, you might consider cheap maternity scrubs to get you through the months you will need them.

While the up-front investment can be significant, scrubs that you choose to spend more money on can be well worth it.

Often they are made out of top quality materials, fit well, and are sewn to last a long time. If you find a few key pieces you think are worth the purchase, you can easily mix and match them with less expensive pieces to give you a well-rounded and long-lasting work wardrobe.

Deciding whether to purchase scrubs in a set or separate pieces will also be a cost/benefit analysis. Buying women’s scrubs sets can be an affordable option, since may retailers and brands offer a slight discount for purchasing more than one item.

On the other hand, some people can find this a tricky task since you are often required to purchase matching top and bottom sizes - and that is unrealistic for many.


Finding your best scrubs all comes down to what you prefer. While some decisions (like the color) may be made for you by your employer, all you need to do is:

Find a fit that works for you. You want it to be comfortable, you want to know it is durable, and that it won’t shrink.

Make sure they are functional for your needs. Have as many or as few pockets as you want, make sure they’re a fabric you like (help keep you cool, help keep you dry, etc), and make sure they won’t be hassle for you to keep clean.

Keep the purchase cost effective for your budget. Think about your overall need and determine how much you can comfortably spend. To help keep things affordable, look for retailers that offer discounts to students or employees in the medical field, or sign up for emails from online stores to make sure you don’t miss coupons and sale opportunities.

Best Scrubs for Women of 2023 Reviews

Whether you’re looking to purchase individual pieces or for scrub sets to boost your work wardrobe, we recommend the brands and styles listed below.

When you’re looking for the best scrubs for nurses and healthcare professionals, there are options that provide optimal function, options that provide unique style to help you stand out, and options that promote a good balance of both to get you through your work day comfortably and effectively.

best scrubs for women reviews

Best Women’s Scrub Tops

Our Pick

Cherokee Infinity 2624a Women's Split Round Neck Solid Scrub Top

PROS: Fabric is antimicrobial, bungee loop on shoulder, available in 22 colors, two patch pockets and one interior pocket

CONS: Some may not prefer the mixed textiles with the rib-knit back panel, some may find the cover-stitch detail bulky, sizes may run large, recommended low drying heat may take longer than high-heat cycle

SIZES: XX Small - 5X Large

Cherokee clothes, known to be one of the best scrub brands on the market, have been around for a long time, and the ready-to-wear mantra they base their regular apparel on translates well to the medical uniforms they make.

Looking more like athletic wear than work clothes, this comfy scrub top is a polyester/spandex blend, includes a rib-knit back panel that allows for excellent stretch and movement without losing it’s intended shape, and is made to be wrinkle-free.

It is likely a safe purchase for most, since the combination of front and back princess seams with the rounded neckline make for a cut that many body types will find flattering.

Our favorite thing about the Cherokee Infinity Scrubs top, though, is the function it provides. It includes side vents for easy movement and comfortable temperature, the Certainty fabric by Cherokee provides antimicrobial protection, and the three pockets (two patch and one interior) give enough storage room without looking cluttered.

We did find that the size chart posted directly on Cherokee’s website varied slightly from size charts offered by other online retailers, so be sure to keep this in mind if you plan to order.

Runner Up

Figs Casma Three Pocket Scrub Top

PROS: V-neck, back darts, and side slit hem gives flattering and tailored look, durable and quality fabric offers excellent stretch and movement without losing shape, wrinkle-free fabric with easy care instructions, Deep patch pockets

CONS: Limited color selection, pricing averages $40

SIZES: XX Small - 2X Large

At first glance, this may seem like a very basic scrub top. The lines are clean, there are few details to draw the eye, and the top is offered in only four colors (six, if you count the seasonally available options) - but we think this top is great because it is so simple.

The high quality and durable fabric combined with the clean design make for a very functional, flattering, and professional look in the office or making rounds.

Figs offers scrubs that are guaranteed to be antimicrobial, wrinkle-free, odor-free, and liquid repelling for the life of the garment, and they are easily washed and worn with simple cold water and tumble dry instructions.

The v-neck on this top makes for a modern appearance, and the darted back and side-slit hem gives a fit that will look tailored and flattering on many body types.

Some may prefer more pocket options, but we feel the three offered (two front patch and one hidden interior) are deeper than average and still allow ample storage for go-to items.

The pricing can be steep (averaging around $40), but we find the brand is worth the investment for durability and overall appearance if you are looking for items that will last a long time.

Carhartt Cross Flex V-Neck Media Scrub Top

PROS: Fabric is cool to the touch and works as-advertised (cool temperature and quick drying), pockets provide ample storage and unique function, Stain-Breaker Tech to keep top looking new, moderately affordable price point, generally around $20

CONS: Arm pocket is ideal for right handed people, fabric is prone to snagging (watch out for velcro), only available in 7 colors, size selection limited

SIZES: X Small - 3X Large

When people hear “Carhartt brand clothes” they may know it provides quality, but they may think of overalls or heavy men’s outerwear.

The Carhartt women’s scrubs they manufacture, however, have become a major contender in the healthcare industry, and many consider them the best medical scrubs.

Like our top pick, this scrub top is also a polyester/spandex blend, but includes a little more spandex and Carhartt’s Rugged Flex Technology to keep you moving comfortably during the day.

The fabric is noticeably different to the touch than other scrubs, is made to keep you cool, wick moisture away from your skin and dry quickly, and has their patented Stain-Breaker Technology to keep your uniform looking new for longer.

We really like the storage and unique features the pockets on this top provide. On the Carhartt Cross Flex scrubs there are two deep patch pockets for storing larger items, a pocket with separately sewn sections for various instruments (with a badge loop!), an interior pocket that fits most smartphones with an earbud holder at the pocket and neckline of the top (keeping your cords out of the way), and a double arm pocket that holds pens and lights without worry of falling out all day.

Barco Grey's Anatomy Signature Women's 2121 Two Pocket Notch Yoke Neck Scrub Top

PROS: Fabric is soft and offers four-way stretch, flattering cut and minimalistic details, many sizes available, available in 24 colors

CONS: Two pockets offer minimal storage, pen holder ideal for right-handed people, will require more gentle washing cycle to extend life of the top and avoid pilling, may need to size down to get the fit you expect

SIZES: XX Small - 5X Large

This may look seem like a simple top, but the subtle details in Barco scrubs make this a fashionably understated choice for medical professionals in the office or making rounds.

The silhouette is a classic cut that many wearers will find to be the most flattering scrubs without being too revealing or clingy - a likely reason the manufacturer offers this style in sizes XXS - 5XL.

The front and back yokes help the top hang nicely, the notched neckline gives it a unique look, and the 24 colors it is offered in gives you plenty of options to express your personal style at work. We especially like the fabric blend.

The 24% rayon, combined with polyester and spandex, make these some of the softest scrubs, and stretchy enough to keep you moving freely all day.

You will want to take care to follow the recommended care instructions, though, as rayon has a tendency to pill if not properly cared for.

While the two patch pockets offer minimal storage, their placement and angled opening make them convenient for daily use.

As a bonus, the pockets include a fitted pen slot on the right and a snap tab detail on the left. Overall, we find Barco Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs to offer one of the better options for professional looking scrub tops on the market.

Best Scrub Pants for Women

Our Pick

Koi Lite Performance Stretch Multi-Pocket Peace Scrub Pant

PROS: Available in 25 colors, plenty of storage, moisture wicking and performance stretch fabric, available in regular, petite, and tall lengths

CONS: Pocket on left leg is ideal for left-handed people

SIZES: XX Small Petite - 6X Large

There is a lot to like about these straight legged, modern ultra light Koi scrub pants. The polyester/spandex blend fabric offers breathability and stretch along with moisture wicking technology, making them easy and comfortable to wear all shift long. These pants also do not require ironing. 

The Koi Peace Pants offers a total of six pockets - three on the front (one with zipper), two on the back, and one on the left pant leg with a zipper that provides much needed function to make your work day go more smoothly.

The pants are low rise, so they offer slightly less coverage than mid-rise or high-waisted cuts, but the all around elastic waistband with the drawstrings allow for a customizable fit that many will find favorable.

In fact, we consider these Koi scrubs to be the best option for those needing tall scrubs because of the range of sizing offered and ability to customize the wear.


Jaanuu 10 Pocket Cargo Pant

Jaanuu 10 Pocket Cargo Pant

PROS: 10 slim cargo pockets offer more than average storage, available in 35 colors, wear more like high-end athletic wear than a work uniform, fabric is durable and can be washed and worn with minimal effort

CONS: Color choices are limited, some may find seaming at the knee uncomfortable, sizing options more limited than other styles offered by Jaanuu

SIZES: X Small - X Large

It can be hard to part with your hard earned cash, but we feel like Jaanuu brand scrubs are worth the investment.

Made using a hearty polyester/rayon/spandex blend, these scrub pants will move and feel more like high-end athletic wear than other scrubs on the market while keeping their intended shape throughout your shift.

The fabric is soft to the touch and features the brand’s ForminaFlex - it’s got two-way stretch, wicks moisture, is odor free, and inhibits 99.9% of harmful microbe growth.

We especially like the smooth waistband and slim design of the cargo pockets offered on these Jaanuu scrub pants because they make for a very tailored and flattering look that we don’t think is matched by other brands.

The pants come in five colors, and are offered in sizes XS - XL in standard, tall, and petite. While these pants may not be cut in as many sizes as other styles, they do offer a very stylish and functional option for many.

WonderWink Women's Four Stretch Cargo Scrub Pant

PROS: Animal fur and people hair won’t stick to the fabric, available in 31 colors, low-maintenance care and wrinkle-free out of the dryer, fabric wicks moisture and dries quickly, available in petite and tall sizes

CONS: Styling could be considered “junior”, cargo pockets are ideal for right handed people, material is thin and may not be preferred by those who run cold during the day

SIZES: X Small - X Large

WonderWink scrubs are considered top rated, and it’s not hard to see why. The Wonderwink 4 Stretch scrubs they make are 100% polyester scrubs and manufactured to be as low-maintenance as it gets.

These hold up well to multiple washings, are unlikely to shrink, and come out of the dryer wrinkle-free.

These stylish scrubs are offered in 31 colors and, due to WonderWink’s special fabric, all are kept vibrant even after frequent cleanings.

Pet owners, animal lovers, and those with an excess of hair will especially appreciate that animal fur and people hair won’t stick to the Four Stretch material - a definite benefit for keeping your uniform looking professional with minimal effort.

These pants have plenty of storage with two front pockets, a back patch pocket, and a cargo pocket on the right pant leg with a few hidden pockets inside and useful utility loops on the outside.

Some may find the styling to be considered “junior,” since the scrubs are bootcut and include contrast stitching and the brand’s signature yellow bungee cords and drawstring, but for people who enjoy those details, these pants will be a fashionable choice that fit many body types well.

Cherokee Women's Infinity Low-Rise Straight Leg Drawstring Pant

PROS: Available in 33 colors, flattering fit for many body types, polyester/spandex poplin blend offers excellent stretch without losing intended shape, antimicrobial fabric is wrinkle free and quick drying, available in petite and tall sizes

CONS: May require more gentle washing to maintain integrity of design and shape, fewer pockets than some pants offer

SIZES: XX Small - 5X Large

Like the Infinity by Cherokee scrub top, there is a lot to like about these pants. The straight leg cut will be a good fit for most body types, since it is meant to make a smooth, flattering line from the hip to the floor.

To give them a little customization, the pant legs include bungee cords and adjustable toggles so the wearer can adjust where they want the hems to lay.

Some may find issues with the low-rise nature of the pants, but the elastic-knit waistband and adjustable drawstring can help hold the pants comfortably in place, and many will find the more athletic-looking design preferable to average scrubs.

The Certainty technology in the fabric means the pants are antimicrobial, they keep a wrinkle-free look all day long, and are quick drying.

While some may find they could use more storage, we feel these scrub pants offer plenty of storage without looking cluttered or like typical cargo pants.

With two slash-open pockets in the front, a zip-closure cargo pocket on the right leg, a patch pocket in the back, and a bungee instrument loop on the left leg, you will likely have no problem finding space for what you need to carry.

The pocket construction and various closures are bonuses, since you will have to worry less about things falling out.

Best Women’s Scrub Sets

Our Pick

Dickies Xtreme Stretch Women's V-Neck Top 82851 and Drawstring Pant 82011 Scrub Set

PROS: Available in 21 colors, top and pant sizing is customizable, ample pockets offered on top and pants, available in petite and tall sizes

CONS: Sizing can run large, some may consider set to be juniors styling

SIZES: XX Small - 5X Large

Buying any type of clothing in sets can be hard, since a lot of times you are required to order matching top and bottom sizes, which is unrealistic for a lot of people.

The sizing in this set is customizable, though, and when you combine that with the slight cost savings the set offers over buying the pieces individually, it’s hard to argue the value you get with this set.

The Dickies Xtreme Stretch scrubs are made of a polyester/spandex/rayon blend that is comfortable and stretchy without being too thin and will hold up well to daily use and repeated wash and wear cycles.

If you prefer slightly more fitted scrubs, this may not be the set for you, but those looking for a more basic and loose fitting cut will likely be pleased.

The top includes a V-neck with front and back princess seams, two patch pockets, a cell phone pocket large enough for most smartphones, and a utility ring, while the pants offer four pockets, an adjustable drawstring and belt loops, and side slits at the hem to help the pants lay nicely over most shoes.

The pants are cut in a flare-leg style, which some may find too “junior” to want to wear, but overall these Dickies scrubs could be a solid option for a lot of people.


Dagacci Medical Uniform Women's Scrubs Set Stretch Ultra Soft Contrast Pocket

PROS: Clean lines and simple design for an uncluttered look, fabric is comfortable and soft to the touch

CONS: Fabric may require extra gentle care to keep it looking well-maintained, some may find the fit too juniors, sizing can run large, limited sizes

SIZES: XX Small - XX Large

Getting a quality women’s scrub top and pant for less than $30 is a good deal in our book, and that’s exactly what you get with Dagacci, which we think offers the best cheap scrub set. While some may not consider this to be the most stylish scrubs set, it does offer some nice details that many will find fit their needs.

The top is cut with a basic V-neck, front and back princess seams, and includes an elastic waistband for a fitted “missy” look.

Similarly, the pants are a basic straight leg with elastic waistband and adjustable drawstring that, while not the most exciting design, will be flattering for a number of people.

The rayon/polyester blend fabric offers enough stretch to keep you moving freely during the day, but you will want to take note of the sizing chart and use it accordingly since the set runs a little large.

There are plenty of pockets between the top and the pant, with the top offering two patch pockets each with inner multi-section accessory pockets, and the pants including a total of three front pockets (two on the right, one on the left) and three cargo pockets (two on the right, one on the left).

Offered in 16 colors at an affordable price, these Dagacci scrubs are a good choice for those needing to add pieces to their wardrobe.


Healthcare professionals have, arguably, some of the most demanding jobs around. With long shifts on your feet and constantly on the move, it is important to invest in the best fitting scrubs to give you one less thing to worry about during the day.

We like that the Cherokee Infinity 2624a Women's Split Round Neck Solid Scrub Top and Koi Lite Performance Stretch Multi-Pocket Peace Scrub Pant each offer good mixes of the essentials when it comes to the best women's scrubs: they each offer plenty of color and sizing options that many women will find flattering, they each have impressive function (like antimicrobial fabric and lots of pockets for storage) to get you through your day, and they have each proven to hold up to the demands of daily use with durable fabric and quality craftsmanship.

Overall you should be on the lookout for scrubs that you will be comfortable in for long periods of time, that stand up well to multiple washes and wears with minimal effort to clean, are priced in your budget, and have function and style that meet your personal needs. 

Do you have experience with any of the scrubs we picked? Do you have a favorite brand or style you didn’t see mentioned? What do you think are the best scrubs for women? Let us know in the comments!

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