Get Free HHA Training in NYC: Start Your New Career Today!

We have found a plethora of programs where you can receive free HHA training in NYC, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island!

...yep, you read that right. Free!

We all know the Big Apple is full of big opportunities, right?

Well, it’s no different for those looking to enter the healthcare field as a home health aide.

In this article we answer all your “need to know” questions on how to become a home health aide in New York City so you can start your training right away. There's opportunity to receive your HHA certification in as little as 2 to 8 weeks!

We have also have compiled a list and contact information of all programs offering this free HHA training in NYC during 2019.

List of All Programs Offering Free HHA Training in NYC in 2019

Free HHA Training in Manhattan

Free HHA Training in the Bronx

Free HHA Training in Brooklyn

Free HHA Training in Queens

Free HHA Training in Staten Island

How is free HHA training in NYC really possible?

free HHA training in NYC 2018

It may sound crazy, but:

Your chosen career field is in such high demand that agencies need people willing to undergo the training - even if it means offering free home health aide training in NYC!

free home health aide training in NYC

Training at Cooperative Home Care Associates

Home health agencies in NYC that receive their approval through New York State Department of Health are not allowed to charge tuition for their training programs.

It is also not uncommon to find home health agencies willing to provide free training to eligible participants, as long as entrance requirements are met and they can agree to an employment contract upon successful completion.

Be sure to keep in mind: Programs approved through the New York State Department of Health are not allowed to charge tuition, but may charge up to $100 in fees. These fees may be used to cover necessary supplies and materials for your program.

Not all home health aide training programs in NYC receive their approval through the New York State Department of Health. Those with approval through the New York State Education Department are allowed to charge tuition, and their costs may vary.

What are the requirements to register for free HHA training in NYC?

Items you may need to begin home health aide classes may vary depending on where you decide to register, but often there are several common qualifications that agencies offering free HHA training in NYC look for in their candidates.

free HHA classes in NYC

Example qualifications include:

  • Reliable work history references
  • Ability to participate in a professional interview, either by phone or in person
  • A flexible schedule
  • To accommodate 100% training attendance. Agencies often have a zero absence policy that must be signed prior to the start of class.
  • To accommodate future work schedule, which could include nights, weekends, and holidays.

  • A successful health assessment, which may include:
  • Clean toxicology screening
  • A negative TB test within the last six months
  • ​Current immunizations

  • Life time search of expanded criminal background check
  • Fingerprinting
  • The state of New York participates in a process called “rap back.” By matching fingerprints on file, the state is automatically notified of arrests that may occur after a home health aide is hired which may disqualify them from further employment.

Do I need a high school diploma or GED to start my free HHA training in NYC?

​No, as neither are required by the state of New York to enroll in an approved training program or be employed as a home health aide, however:

  • The state of New York often recommends agencies enroll students over the age of 18.
  • They want to make sure future home health aides are mature and equipped to handle patient needs.
  • Agencies will look for students who are able to read and write, (NYSED recommends at an eighth grade level while NY DOH recommends at a sixth grade level) and can easily understand and perform instructions they’ve been given.
  • This helps them to know their patients will be given the care they have been prescribed.

Be sure to keep in mind: Free HHA training in NYC may be given by agencies looking for future employees (meaning immediate job placement for you), so they will often verify students have the necessary identification and proof of eligibility to work in the US prior to enrolling you in their program.

These agencies will also make sure students are aware a successful Criminal History Record Check will be a condition of employment, regardless of which agency in New York you work for.

Do any of the programs in NYC offer free HHA training online?

home health aide certification online

No, at the moment there are no programs offering free home health aide certification online in NYC…


The first step in requesting information from an agency that offers free training is often completing an online request form.

But there's usually a catch:

You will likely be unable to complete your entire home health aide training online application. Remember that agencies offering free training are looking for future employees!

For example:

Programs like Best Choice Health Care, who offer free HHA training in Brooklyn, require potential students to attend an informational meeting in person after they submit their online request.

free hha training online inquiry form

First Care of New York offer free home health aide training in Queens NY, and they utilize an online interview questionnaire to determine whether applicants are eligible for their program.

Pro Tip: Think of yourself as “on the job” from day one as you begin researching your program options, and be prepared to “interview” to earn your spot in the training program you want!

Do any of the programs offer free home home health aide training in Spanish?

home attendant training in Spanish

Yes! - ¡Sí!

Here is the list of programs that offer free HHA training in Spanish:

What will I learn in my free HHA training in NYC?

HHA classes in NYC

To make sure all home health agencies in New York are teaching comparable content, the Department of Health recommends agencies they approve base their HHA training and lesson plans on the Home Care Curriculum and Health Related Tasks Curriculum they have standardized.

Fedcap home health aide training

Fedcap Home Health Aide Training

This means that, while class style and content may vary a little by the agency you attend, you can generally expect topics to include the following:

  • Introduction to home care
  • Working effectively with home care clients
  • Including theories of basic human needs, diversity, and interpersonal skills
  • Working with the elderly
  • Working with children
  • Including family situations in which children may need home care workers, problems that affect family dynamics and how children can react to stress, and your role in strengthening families through work with parents or caregivers
  • Working with people who are mentally ill
  • Working with people with developmental disabilities
  • Working with people with physical disabilities
  • Food nutrition and meal preparation
  • Including major nutrients, meal planning, shopping, storage, and food safety
  • Family spending and budgeting
  • Specifically the role of the home care worker in family spending, and ways to make the most of family finances
  • Care of the home and personal belongings
  • Including the importance of housekeeping in home care
  • Safety and injury prevention
  • Personal care
  • Including hand-washing, infection control, freedom from pain, urinary system, digestive system, integumentary system, musculoskeletal system, bathing, grooming, dressing, and the clients environment
  • Personal care for the well baby
  • Special equipment use by home care clients
  • Assisting with the self administration of medication
  • Orientation to health related tasks
  • Performing simple measurements and tests
  • Complex modified diets
  • Assisting with a prescribed exercise program
  • Assisting with the use of prescribed medical equipment, supplies, and devices
  • Assisting with special skin care
  • Assisting with a dressing change
  • Assisting with ostomy care

What will the home health aide test be like?

HHA practice test  NYC

In simple terms:

Your final HHA test will sum up everything you learned in class!

If your training is received through an approved free HHA training program, the DOH states that a student’s competency may either be evaluated throughout the program or after the classroom and practical training have been completed, and will be measured using two methods:

  1. Written and/or oral exams demonstrating knowledge of the information presented during classroom training, and
  2. Observation of the student’s demonstration of required skills learned in the laboratory or patient care setting

Your agency will be required to rate your performance using standardized evaluation checklists prepared by the DOH as well as written tests obtained from the publishers of the textbooks you utilize in class.

A minimum score of 80% will be required for you to be considered mastering the subject material.

No need to stress yourself out, though:

You will have plenty of chances to take a home health aide practice test prior to the final exam, and may even retake your competency evaluation if needed.

home health aide competency test NYC

Be sure to keep in mind: All of this may sound overwhelming, but remember what you’re signing up for!

You are preparing yourself for a career with advancement opportunities, and your instructors will make sure you are well prepared to handle home health aide duties and responsibilities.

The training required to get you there will seem like a small sacrifice once you’ve completed it and are seeing the results of your hard work!

How long will it take to complete my free HHA training in NYC?

The Department of Health for the state of New York very clearly outlines your rights as a home health aide trainee. They specify that a student has 60 days from the day they enter a program to complete the required minimum 75 hours of training, which includes:

40 hrs of home care curriculum in the classroom
19 hrs of health related task curriculum in the classroom
16 hrs of supervised practical training, 50% of which must be provided in a patient care setting

Pro Tip: These programs can be offered in a variety of formats and schedules, depending on the agency. No doubt you will still have a life to work around when seeking your new career, (families, jobs, and chores, oh my!) and it is important to keep these things in mind when doing your research.

When contacting agencies for information be sure to ask about their attendance policy and whether they offer free HHA training in the evening or free HHA training in NYC on the weekend, for example.

And remember, 60 days is the maximum timeframe allowed. Don’t be surprised if you find that many programs offer to complete your training much faster, even making it possible to receive free 2 week HHA training!

Take a second to think about that...

in less than two short months, you could be on your way to the health care career of your dreams. Your goal is in sight!

Will I receive HHA certification after I finish my free HHA training in NYC?

HHA certification NY -


Enrolling in an approved free HHA program requires students to be entered in the Home Care Registry managed by the New York DOH.

Once you successfully complete your training and home health aide competency test, your information is updated in the registry and your HHA certification in NY is generated!

The state mandates that your certificate must be executed (printed, signed, and notarized) within 10 days of your completion, and must then be issued to you within 10 days of execution.

Per state regulations, your HHA certificate will remain valid for as long as you are employed with a DOH approved home health agency.

If you choose to work privately in the state or leave employment in New York for an agency elsewhere, your NY HHA certification will expire two years from the date you left employment at an approved agency.

What can I expect my HHA salary in NYC to be?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states in 2016 the national average HHA annual salary was $23,600.

median HHA salary -

The news is even better for those seeking employment in New York, though, with their average annual pay in 2016 listed at $24,150.

median HHA salary NYC - indicates the HHA jobs in NYC posted on their site list salaries averaging 23.2% higher than job postings nationwide - with HHA salaries in NYC, specifically, averaging $24,887 per year!

HHA salary NYC -

Be sure to keep in mind: While pay can be an enticing reason to enter a career field, it is important to consider all aspects of your future job and how they will affect your day to day living.

When considering your options, think about things like work schedules, if paid time off is offered, and advancement opportunities. You want this to be a career you are successful and happy in long term

Will it be easy to find HHA jobs in NYC?

home health aide jobs NYC

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that, in addition to the highest average national pay, the state of New York also boasts the highest employment level for this occupation!

With more than 173,830 jobs available it is easy to see why home health aides are in such high demand in your state.

Pro Tip: Remember that the amazing scope of opportunity available to you as a future home health aide in NYC does not, in itself, guarantee employment.

Think of yourself as on the job from that day that you begin researching schools. 

Wrapping up

Since many opportunities for free HHA training in NYC come by agencies looking for future employees, your enrollment in their program is basically your job interview, too!

You will want to ensure your talents and abilities suit what they are offering, while also seeing that your needs and wants are met in your future career!

To make your journey a little bit easier, below we have listed where you can find free HHA training in NYC that is located nearest you. These articles also include reviews of all listed agencies. Good luck!

Additional New York State Resources

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