Free Home Health Aide Training in Staten Island: Top 7 Agencies

Finding free home health aide training in Staten Island can seem like a big task.

A simple Google search will quickly show the large number of home health aide agencies in Staten Island, and you wouldn’t be alone if that left you feeling overwhelmed.

That’s why we want to help you answer "Where can I find HHA training near me?"

By using information available through New York State’s Department of Health and individual program websites, we’ve gathered information on some of the best free HHA training available in the area.

And because there’s nothing like a good inside scoop, we collected reviews from all over the web left by former and current trainees and employees of the companies and included them here for you to consider.

We know that combining information from so many reliable sources is the best way to help you make an informed decision when choosing the training that’s right for you!

Take a look at the options below to get started!

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Personal Touch Home Care, Inc.

Personal Touch Home Care Staten Island
36 Richmond Terrace 1St Floor Room 105 &107
Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 727-7212

How do I get my free home health aide training in Staten Island started at Personal Touch Home Care, Inc.?

Application for this in-demand free HHA training is required to be completed in person.

You can submit the initial application online prior to arriving, or print the form (available in English, Spanish, and Russian) and bring it with you. If you have questions prior to completing the application, contact site supervisor Sharon Davis to clarify.

Personal Touch Home Care training

Applications are accepted Monday to Friday 9am to 2pm and be prepared to present:

  • A valid social security card
  • Unexpired government issued photo ID
  • Two reference letters - they note letters may be written or typed, professional references are preferred but personal references are accepted, and letters should not be more than two months old
  • One proof of address in your name - they suggest a bill or envelop addressed to you, or notarized statement from your landlord stating you reside at the address listed
  • Physical and lab work, if completed within the last year 

Pro Tip: Be sure to arrive dressed in business casual attire when you drop off your application.

HHA Salary:
Personal Touch Home Care salary Staten Island
Who they are:

Started in 1974, Personal Touch Home Health Care has since grown to be a national company with more than 35 locations across 10 states.

free HHA training in Staten Island

But don’t let the large company fool you:

Each location is controlled locally by the state it resides in, and they take pride in training and hiring the best paraprofessionals (home health aides, like you) around. With more than 12,000 HHAs and PCAs on staff, you’ll find yourself in good company at Personal Touch!

What people are saying:

One former HHA gave this five star review on, noting how much they appreciated being treated with respect as an employee:

Personal Touch Home Care reviews 1

While another current HHA was excited about the opportunity to work with people from all walks of life - and personally noticed by the company for their stand-out job!

Personal Touch Home Care reviews 2

Aides at Home, Inc.

Aides at Home Staten Island
37 New Dorp Plaza Suite 202
Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 351-6543

How do I get my free HHA training in Staten Island started at Aides at Home, Inc.?

Training is a phone call away! Simply contact the HR department at (516) 931-5850 to inquire about upcoming classes and necessary qualifications.

The three week course is free to qualified applicants, but students may be responsible for required book costs.

HHA Salary:
Aides at Home Salary Staten Island
Who they are:

Since 1974 Aides at Home has been providing dedicated home care to patients throughout Suffolk and Nassau counties and the five boroughs of NYC.

By focusing strictly on home care, the company is able to pridefully offer home care workers with specialty training in:

  • Hospice
  • Mental health​​​​​​​
  • Developmental disability
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Geriatric personal care

You can feel good knowing the team you work for is so dedicated to the population they serve!

What people are saying:

One current HHA gave a five star review on, noting specifically how productive she feels every day at work:

Aides at Home Staten Island review 1

This former HHA appreciated the depth of training she received: 

Aides at Home Staten Island review 2

America Works

America Works of New York Staten Island
1 Edgewater Street 2nd Floor
Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 447-5627

How do I get my free home health aide training in Staten Island started at America Works?

Allen Health Care Services

Allen Health Care Services Staten Island
120 Stuyvesant Place 4th Floor
Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 657-2966 ext 7001

How do I get my free home health aide training in Staten Island started at Allen Health Care Services?

Trainings are offered frequently due to their popularity.

To learn more about the application process and requirements, click here!

HHA Salary:
Allen Health Care Services salary Staten Island

Special Touch Home Care Services

Special Touch Home Care Services Inc Staten Island
36 Richmond Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 390-8400
Online contact form

How do I get my free home health aide training in Staten Island started at Special Touch Home Care Agency?

New training classes begin every three weeks, and they are in high demand!

Applications are accepted in person at the location listed above Monday through Friday, 9am to 3pm, though the company encourages calling ahead to ensure all of your questions are answered prior to arriving.

Be sure to complete the Employment Contact Form online prior to arriving, and be prepared to provide:

  • Valid social security card and photo ID
  • At least two letters of reference, preferably professional references
  • Recent medical information including: Physical, 2 Step PPD, Rubella Titre, Rubeola Titre, and Drug Screen
HHA Salary:
Special Touch Home Care Salary

Margret Ultra Home Care, Inc.
34 Beach Street
Staten Island, NY 10304
(718) 815-8089

How do I get my free HHA training in Staten Island started at Margret Ultra Home Care, Inc.?

To get started, the company recommends calling using the number listed above to learn more about their training process.

Qualified applicants are offered free training, and job placement is available for those that meet employment eligibility requirements! To be considered for a career with Margret Ultra Home Care you should expect:

  • To pass a criminal background check and drug screening
  • To have a current physical
  • To be eligible to work in the US
  • To have excellent interpersonal skills and a winning attitude

Pro Tip: Think of yourself as “on the job” from the moment you inquire about free HHA training! Set yourself apart from other candidates and show them why you deserve the opportunity!

HHA Salary:
Margaret Ultra Home Care Staten Island salary
Who they are:

Since its founding, Margret Ultra Home Care has aimed to go above and beyond typical home care requirements.

By hiring the highest quality home care staff and putting practices in place to ensure staff is reliable and competent in care, that workers arrive on time, and provide high quality services, this company knows what it takes to make sure patients are the priority!

Margret even goes a step further - on top of providing recommended and required care as determined by the patient’s care team, caregivers give patients a 15 minute hand and arm massage daily, just to ensure they feel comforted!

What people are saying:

One former customer left a five star Google review, mentioning how much she appreciated the care provided by the staff:

Margaret Ultra Home Care review

Hope Home Care, Inc.

Hope Home Care Staten Island
26 Dumont Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305
(718) 667-8510

How do I get my free home health aide training in Staten Island started at Hope Home Care, Inc.?

Interested applicants are encouraged to attend a free, in-person orientation at the address listed above offered every Wednesday at 2pm.

From there, you will be on your way to beginning this highly demanded 4 week HHA course! The company notes that while the training program is free, applicants should be prepared to spend $75 for required books and fees.

HHA Salary:
Hope Home Care Inc salary Staten Island
Who they are:

Hope Home Care has been running their free home health aide training in Staten Island for more than 18 years, so you can be confident your education is in good hands!

Upon graduation, students are awarded a Department of Health Home Health Aide Certificate and are eligible for immediate job placement. Imagine knowing that in just one month, you could go from dreaming about a career in the healthcare field to actually living it!

What people are saying:

One current employee noted the exceptional care of clients provided by the company in their five star review on

Hope Home Care Staten Island review

Wrapping up

Now that you have plenty of information to help start your search for free home health aide training in Staten Island, be sure to check out our resources available below on how to get free HHA training in Brooklyn, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Queens, too!

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As you gather information, be mindful that reviews and salaries presented are based on individual experience and that your experience with the training program or home health aide agency may vary.

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