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HHA practice test

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Our 50 HHA Practice Test Questions

1. _________ provides assistance to the chronically ill, the elderly, and family caregivers who need relief from the stress of care-giving?

2. All home health aides are under the supervision of one of the following skilled professionals:

3. Factors that raise the risk for falls include:

4. Should you maintain personal hygiene as a caregiver?

5. Home health aides should be proficient in skills such as bed bath, tub bathing, and shower bathing.

6. Diabetics should have a foods rich in sugars.

7. Excessive water loss from the body tissue resulting from insufficient fluid intake is called:

8. Moving a client from one place to another is called:

9. Wasting of muscle is called:

10. Home health aides can prepare simple meals in the client's home.

11. Home health aides should never ask for assistance to help move a client.

12. The role of a home health aide includes bathing, dressing, and toileting.

13. When taking a client's pulse, how long should you take it for?

14. What is a normal diastolic blood pressure level?

15. You should always wear gloves when changing a soiled linens?

16. A professional relationship with a client includes:

17. One of the following is not an airborne disease:

18. Personal protective equipment includes the following:

19. Hygiene and grooming activities, as well as dressing, eating and toileting are called:

20. You should only wash your hands at the beginning of your shift.

21. A stroke consists of the following signs:

22. When communicating with your client, it is important to:

23. You notice your client is unconscious and not breathing, before you do anything else you should:

24. Keeping clients safe are home health aides number one priority.

25. Bed sores can be avoided by:

26. Should you ask for assistance if your client is too heavy for you to lift alone?

27. Naked flames should be left unattended.

28. To maintain a safe environment, cabinets with dangerous substances should be locked.

29. Equipment that helps protect you from serious injuries or illnesses resulting from contact with workplace hazards is called:

30. Disorientation means confusion about:

31. Which of the following is not a system of the body:

32. Vital signs include:

33. Another word for a broken bone is called:

34. Each state has their own training requirements for home health aides:

35. Home health aides responsibility for infection control include the following:

36. What is the normal temperature of an adult?

37. In some cases, HHAs educate clients and their families when it comes to maintaining a safe and clean environment.

38. Your client has become very agitated and upset, you should:

39. Your client has burned their arm, what should you do next?

40. What is the average resting heart rate for an adult?

41. What is the average respiratory rate for adults?

42. What should you do if you see a change in your client's mental condition?

43. ________ teaches clients and their families about special diets and how to improve their health.

44. Home health aides can work in a variety of settings like a client's home, nursing homes, and retirement communities?

45. Which of the following is not an example of legal and ethical behavior by home health aides?

46. You can help protect your client's rights in which of the following ways:

47. Always report combative behaviors of your clients to your:

48. File an incident report when one of the following incidents occurs:

49. How long should you wash your hands for?

50. MRSA stands for:


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