Become a Home Attendant in NYC: 6 Best Tuition Based Schools

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Are you looking to become a home attendant in NYC? If you’re answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

It can be tough to part with your hard-earned money. When you think about all the things you could be buying instead of tuition (groceries, gas, or rent, anyone?), it’s hard to justify writing a check to a school!

So why choose a school with tuition costs when you can find free HHA training in NYC?

Quite simply, those tuition costs buy you some benefits that free training doesn’t offer!

In this article, we list 6 best schools where you can get find home attendant classes (also known as home health aide training) and break down some of those benefits to help you determine which schools you may be interested in learning more about.

Start your research using the information listed below, and you’re one step closer to the career of your dreams!

​​​​What are the benefits and advantages of choosing home attendant training that costs tuition when you can find free training?

Schools in New York that charge tuition for home attendant training programs are licensed by the New York State Education Department (NYSED), Bureau of Proprietary Schools Supervision (BPSS) – and they have a different set of standards for their programs than those regulated by the New York Department of Health (NYDOH).

For its home attendant training, NYSED requires:

  • Applicants read and write in English at an 8th grade comprehension level (NYDOH only requires 6th grade comprehension)
  • Applicants meet strict previous education or entrance exam requirements (NYDOH does not require prior education)
  • Students to complete 83 hours of curriculum and hands-on training (8 hours more than the federal requirement)

So right off the bat, you can see that the training you’ll receive through a NYSED approved program will be longer and, arguably, more in depth.

This type of training can give you a leg-up on the competition when it’s time to apply what you’ve learned to the real world. Potential employers will take in to consideration the fact that you had to meet more strict admission requirements, and that you received more hours of training in your chosen field.

You can also expect a school licensed by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to provide:

  • Certified admissions agents who provide paperwork, catalogs, and enrollment agreements that meet state standards, and
  • Approved and standardized requirements for admission.

While sitting in a home attendant classes you can expect:

  • School directors and instructors to be state licensed,
  • Curriculum and equipment to have been reviewed by experts in the field, and approved by the state, and
  • Facilities to have been inspected by state education officials, and to be compliant with state and local health, fire, and building codes.

If you still aren’t convinced the tuition is worth it, you can rely on NYSED approved programs to provide:

  • A refund policy you are eligible to receive determined by state regulations,
  • Tuition costs protected by a state controlled Tuition Reimbursement Account, and
  • An outlined complaint process and access to a regulatory agency, should you need one.

Arguably the biggest benefit to paying for your home attendant training involves what happens after your schooling is complete: you aren’t required to sign an employment contract upon registration, tying you to a specific home attendant agency for work like many of the free programs do.

Once you complete your training with a NYSED approved school, you will be free to choose where you would like to be employed, and can switch employers as often as needed.

With that being said, take a look at these profiles of some of the largest HHA training schools in the area to see if you’d be interested in starting the enrollment process!

6 Best Tuition Based Schools Where You Can Become Home Attendant in NYC

To create our school profiles, we compiled information from several home health aide (HHA) training programs in NYC by assessing school websites, program enrollment agreements, and reviews from real students and instructors from around the web to help you make an informed decision.

1. ABC Training Center

How much does the HHA training program cost?

$600 total. ABC Training Center requires a $300 deposit when you register ($50 for registration, $50 for books, and $200 toward tuition), with the remaining $300 due prior to completing the program. The school advertises a weekly payment plan option, offering plenty of flexibility for you to fund your program.

How do I get my home attendant training in NYC started at ABC training center?

Anyone interested in completing the HHA classes offered at ABC will be required to complete registration paperwork in person at the admissions office listed above. For convenience, the office is open 7 days a week (Monday – Friday 9am – 8pm, Saturday 9am – 5pm, and Sunday 9am – 4pm) and is available on a drop-in basis. You can expect to complete a few admissions forms and to provide some documentation necessary for enrollment – specifically, a valid photo ID and valid diploma or transcript showing high school or college completion. Don’t stress if you can’t provide proof of previous education, though, because ABC Training Center offers a free entrance exam as a second option for registration.

The three-week course is offered in early day (9am – 4pm), mid-day (12pm – 6pm), or evening (5pm – 10pm) schedules, and is available in both English and Spanish. The school takes pride in offering one of the lowest-costing HHA programs in NYC while maintaining high quality instruction that pays off. ABC regularly has home attendant agencies on site and in the classrooms to recruit students on the spot! So while the school doesn’t guarantee job placement, they do offer many opportunities for students to be hired. As an added benefit, the school has on-site testing for state and national certification, so you won’t have to worry about where or how to schedule your required exams.

Who they are:

ABC Training Center has been in the NYC community since 1972, and is proud to be family owned and operated. Since it’s not part of a larger chain of schools, the “family-style operation” allows smaller class sizes that allow students more access to equipment, instructors, and practice time, employees assisting with your job placement will be better able to personalize their help so that your resume and interviewing skills are more unique to you, and the school’s management and instructors are readily available for any student that needs access to them for questions or concerns regarding their training.

What people are saying:

From Yelp:

5 star review from Issy at I loved my time in ABC, loved the teacher, location, practice, classmates, everything. Small school but great classes. Thank you Dahiana Pena for being an awesome teacher. I learned everything needed to become a HHA. I strongly recommend this school.

From Indeed:

5 star review from Excellent education for students entering into the medical field. Classes offered range from CNA, HHA, PCT, Pharmacy Tech, Medical Assistant and Medical Billing and Coding. Professional staff supportive and encourage students to achieve their educational goals and assist with job placement. BLS Certification training offered to all students as well as renewals for all students and the community.


Contact Info:

Address: 50 East Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10468
Ph: 718-618-4958

2. JMB Home Health Aide Training School

JMB Home Health Aide Training School

How much does the training cost?

The training program totals $399, with $70 due at registration. The school offers payment plans, if necessary, to cover the remaining cost. As an additional benefit, JMB accepts WorkForce 1 Vouchers as payment for their HHA program. You can review the voucher information here to see if you qualify.

How do I get my training started at JMB?

Prospective students may register in person Monday – Friday from 9am – 4pm and on Saturdays from 9am – 2pm. Be sure to bring a photo ID and previous education information, if any (though no previous education is required to enroll), and be prepared to pay the $70 registration fee.

The home health aide class at JMB is offered in English, Spanish, and French/Creole in either a daytime schedule, from 9am – 3pm for two weeks, or an evening schedule, from 5pm – 9pm or 6pm – 10pm for three weeks. Weekend classes are also offered periodically.

Who they are:

The school has been NYSED licensed since 1998, and has a program director with over 40 years of nurse education experience. They pride themselves on offering affordable and effective healthcare training, with lifetime job placement assistance available for all graduates.

What people are saying:

From Google:

5 star Google review from Ryan Mohabir. Great experience learning all these new skills. HHA license is about 420 and they have a class for those with expired certificate that can redo it for about 300. Everything was so easy. All the Quiz were open book and you can bring in anyone to help you.

4 star Google review from Joan Geathers. I went to this class,and achieve my certificate. The instructors are very nice and attentive. They make sure each and everyone understand and know the basics of HHA.

From Facebook:

5 star Facebook review from Carece Carinci. I recruit Home Health Aides for Alliance Homecare and go into different training schools to offer Information Sessions to students about to graduate. My experience at JMB was unlike the rest--- Julia, who runs the school, was SUCH a pleasure to chat with and get to know. Her students were engaged, happy to be there, and excited for their future as caregivers. I give JMB Training School 5 stars for being so welcoming!! Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get certified.

Contact Info:

Address: 19-31 Mott Ave, Suite 401, Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Ph: 718-868-0002

3. Big Apple Training

How much does the training cost?

The HHA program totals $590. A down payment of $90 is due at the time of enrollment, and covers the cost of books and registration fees, and is followed by two weekly payments of $200 and a final weekly payment of $100. The school notes that the program cost does not include transportation or the physical exam costs, and these will be required at the expense of the student.

How do I get my training started at Big Apple?

To begin your home attendant classes with Big Apple Training, you will be required to complete registration paperwork in person at the location you plan to attend. Be sure to bring your high school diploma or GED, valid photo ID, and deposit funds with you when you are ready to enroll. If you can’t provide proof of previous education, you will need to successfully pass an assessment prior to beginning the program. The school offers a three week weekday course, or a six week weekend course for scheduling flexibility.

Who they are:

Direct from their website, “Big Apple Training is an allied health training school. For over 20 years we have prided ourselves in providing to our students current state of the art education”.

Contact information:

Address: 4653 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10470
Ph: 718-231-3600

Second Location
200 Hamilton Ave, White Plains, NY 10601
Ph: 914-437-7373

4. Fordham Institute

How much does the training cost?

The training program costs $370, with $30 required at registration.  The school offers payment plans for as little as $120 per week for those not able to pay in full.

How do I get my training started at Fordham Institute?

Simply call the number listed above or complete a request form here to schedule an admissions appointment. The phone line is available 24/7, and appointments are scheduled quickly.

The HHA course is offered in a three-week daytime schedule (9am – 3:30pm), a 17-day evening course (4pm – 9pm), and a seven-week weekend schedule (9am – 3:30pm).

Who they are:

What people are saying:

From Google:

5 star Google review from Naquita D'Andrade. I have completed the HHA course, my teacher Ms. Susan was an excellent teacher, she really knows how to relate to students and tap into your mind without making teaching boring. She really cares about each and everyone of her students. The way Ms. Susan teaches, you are sure to leave with confidence in what you are about to do, even if you have no experience. I definitely recommend this school. Great Job Fordham Family :)

5 star Google review from Othello Mallay. Excellent school with very helpful and friendly staff!

5 star Google review from Devika Maraj. I want to say big thanks to a strong hard working capable encouraging loving caring most outstanding beautiful gorgeous teacher Miss Omowumi Susan Awe-odigie who made me reach this far in life with her teaching and also all the wonderful staffs at Fordham Inst for making our life meaningful and the way they treat everyone. For me I never had a teacher like miss Susan she is one in a billion one who comfort me like a mother talk to me like a father and rest me like her little sis I love you very much miss we are still together I will always remember the moment I walk into Fordham n feel like I am already in heaven with all the happy angels. I wish it never end I will miss u guys so much. I love you all there is a lot to say about the school and the staff but can't say it all right now. Will never forget my family at Fordham inst. I miss waking up to go to classes. I love you everyone. No one does it like Fordham.

From Facebook:

4 star Facebook review from Tina Sabia. Fordham is great! Ms. Hayacinth is a great instructor! Ms. Susan is great! They really take a personal interest in their students. They try to make everyone feel included. They have a graduation party for every class and really try to encourage people.

Contact Info:

Address: 98-27 Jamaica Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421
Ph: 718-480-1804

5. ASA College

ASA College

How much does the training cost?

The program at Asa College totals $499 for 84 hours of training. The college offers payment plans, if needed, and accepts various training vouchers offered in New York, like Workforce 1. CPR for Healthcare Providers or a current certification from the American Heart Association is a required pre-requisite. If you require the CPR course, the 6-hour training is offered for $100 at the college.

How do I get my training started at ASA College?

You can bring your current photo ID, social security card, and high school diploma or GED to your admissions appointment (that can be scheduled online here) to complete your registration. If you are unable to provide proof of previous education, you can expect to sit for the school’s entrance exam that must be passed prior to enrollment. Asa college is currently offering a 3 month Saturday schedule, or a 3-week day/evening schedule, so you can hopefully find a schedule that meets your needs!

Who they are:

Asa College was founded in 1985 and has since grown to provide solid continuing education opportunities for students via two campuses in New York. Once your program is complete, they offer career counseling, resume review, placement assistance, and opportunities to further your education in their degree programs.

What people are saying:

From Google:

5 star Google review from Gabriela Garcia. The college has good infrastructure, labs, library, and smart classrooms. The environment is highly competitive and faculties are super with good past experience. The Career Service Department will help you to find a job after you finish college. I had a great experience with them. The staff is very friendly and professional and concise in the development of a perfect resume. I am so pleased with ASA College and the Career Service Department.

5 star Google review from Aissata Kone. ASA College is a college that does their endeavor best to help ALL students in the best way that they are able to. The campus is a beautiful multistory buildings in the heart of both Brooklyn and Manhattan. ASA College has helped to transition me with a student of having no schools to a highly qualified Medical Assistant through their Medical Assistant program. Do to such great success at ASA College I have chosen to also complete my Nursing AAS degree as well. I must say as being an alumni and an active student at ASA College I highly recommend this institution to take you on the journey of success.

Contact Info:

Address: 1293 Broadway, New York NY 10001
Ph: 877-470-9638

6. Hostos Community College

Hostos Community College

How much does the training cost?

Training at Hostos Community College totals $ 535 for 85 classroom hours and 5 hours of CPR training. The school does note that the required textbooks, uniform, and final exam fee are not included in the cost of tuition, and must be paid separately by the student. Like other colleges that offer home health aide classes, students are not eligible to receive state or federal financial aid for the program but may be eligible to receive assistance through other scholarship sources. They list many options to look in to here. In addition, HCC also offers payment plans, as long as the balance is paid in full prior to the start of class.

How do I get my training started at Hostos Community College?

You can register online here, or you may complete the information in person at the Admissions Office location listed above. You should be prepared to present proof of high school graduation or GED, valid photo ID, and have the ability to read at a 6th grade level (which will be confirmed by an assessment prior to enrollment). Keep in mind that you will also be required to provide proof of complete medical clearance no later than the second week of class, which must be obtained at your expense.

All students who submit an application for admission will receive an invitation to an in-person admissions seminar prior to the scheduled entrance exam. The seminar will go over the enrollment process, provide information about the school, and help you feel more prepared to begin classes.

Who they are:

From their website, “Hostos Community College is an educational agent for change, transforming and improving the quality of life in the South Bronx and neighboring communities since 1968. Hostos serves as a gateway to intellectual growth and socioeconomic mobility, and a point of departure for lifelong learning, success in professional careers, and transfer to advanced higher education programs. The College’s unique “student success coach” program, which partners students with individualized guidance, is emblematic of the premier emphasis on student support and services.”.

What people are saying:

From Google:

5 star Google reivew from Layla First. It is literally harder to fail a class then it is to pass. I was a single mother taking 12-16 credits at a time I graduated with honors and second highest GPA in my major with not much effort. If you do all your work on time and take a few hours to study you will be fine. There are plenty of tutors to help you but many people who complain about how hard this school is or failing don't take advantage of what is available. Use ratemyprofessor and register ahead of time. Every professor I had cared a lot about their students. Keep an open line of communication from the beginning with them if you think you aren't doing so well and they will guide you. Going to the Financial aid office is like going to the dmv but that's at every school you go to... Go to learn and you will pass think college is anything like highschool and you'll end up repeating the class.

From Facebook:

5 star Facebook review from Alicia Gomez. Hostos community college provides great opportunities to diversed students. Staff are great. Career services and the aging and health staff are a great support system. I enjoyed my time at Hostos. I will miss you guys.

Contact Info:

Address: 560 Exterior Street, Bronx, NY 10451
Ph: 718-518-6656

Admissions Office
Address: 500 Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY 10451
Ph: 718-319-7900

Wrapping Up

Home health aide training is offered at many reputable schools throughout New York City that are licensed by the New York State Education Department.  Now that you’ve got a jump-start on some of your research on becoming a home attendant in NYC, you can view a complete list of currently approved programs offering training in NYC here and find the school that fits your needs.

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