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Having one of the highest employment rates for home health aides in the country, it is easy to see why you would be interested in pursuing home health aide certification in Ohio.

Take a look at the need-to-know information below to get started.

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Basic Entrance Requirements

While specifics may vary by location, all home health aide programs will almost certainly have some form of entrance requirements to ensure applicants meet eligibility standards for certification and employment.

Because of the nature of the training, most home health aide classes will require the following:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old
  • Acceptable identification and a valid social security card
  • A health assessment with a clean toxicology screening, rubella immunization or appropriate screening, and a recent negative TB test
  • A complete background check through Ohio BCII with fingerprinting

If you are pursuing home health aide training through a traditional school, enrollment requirements may include:

  • Signing enrollment agreements stipulating your compliance with school policies and procedures
  • Providing documentation of your previous education or successful completion of an entrance exam
  • Your ability to meet tuition payment requirements

While a high school diploma or GED is not required to receive HHA training or be employed as a home health aide, some schools or programs may require proof of either prior to admission – especially those with transferable credits to STNA courses.

There are also programs that may require interested applicants to pass an entrance exam if they are unable to provide a diploma or GED.

Training Requirements in Ohio

Like many states in the US, if you plan to seek employment with any home health agency that receives reimbursement for a patient from Medicare or Medicaid, you will be required to complete home health aide training. Ohio follows federal regulations for HHA training, which means you must:

  • Complete a training program approved by Ohio Department of Aging that meets the 75-hour minimum federal requirement
  • Receive a score of 80% or higher on your final competency evaluation

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To maintain your certification, you must:

  • Receive 12 hours of in-service training in a 12 month period
  • Receive a performance review by an appropriate agency no less than every 12 months

Once the initial training and evaluation have been successfully completed, you will be issued a certificate of completion from the Ohio Department of Health and placed on the appropriate Ohio state registry.

Career Placement

A home health aide certificate in Ohio allows you the freedom to either be employed at a home health aide agency or to be self-employed. Just be sure to think about some of the differences before you decide:

Employment at a home health agency

Employment in Ohio would be similar to employment with any other type of company, in the sense that they will ensure your credentials are maintained according to their required standards. Most notably, they will likely provide the necessary resources for your required in-service training and performance reviews.


As an independent provider, on the other hand, means those two important aspects of your career become your sole responsibility.

The Ohio Department of Medicaid manages independent provider applications, and the Public Consulting Group oversees required on-site visits.

A full checklist of documents necessary to become an independent provider is available through the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Career Advancement

Many of the HHA programs available in Ohio prepare students for not only a career as a home health aide but for career advancements as well.

The Health Aide Certificate Program at Marion Technical College, for example, allows students the opportunity to sit for the state examination for nurse aides. Successfully passing this exam “results in the STNA (State Tested Nurse Aide) title and placement on the Ohio Nurse Aide Registry.”

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