Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great? (Hint: They Don’t)

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why do nurses think they are so great

If you Google “why do nurses think they are so great?” you’ll see many articles throwing shade at the nurse community. Examples include:

  • Nurses think they’re more intelligent than other human beings
  • Nurses are bullies
  • Nurses have egos
  • Nurses think they work harder than the average person

So Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great?

They don’t. That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Despite insurmountable challenges, nurses challenge themselves daily to provide the best healthcare for their patients.

They are tasked with long working hours of responsibility along with both physical and emotional labor that can often lead to exhaustion and burnout.

But through resilience and strength of character, these selfless caregivers remain steadfast in remaining devotedly dedicated to providing exceptional care under any circumstance.

Why Are Nurses So Amazing?

Enough with the negative. Let’s get to the positive. Here’s our list of the top 10 reasons why nurses are so amazing.

1. Nurses Save Lives

Nurses are true heroes, working tirelessly to save and protect the lives of their patients.

Their advanced nursing training allows them to quickly recognize warning signs in order to prevent harm – from administering medications that can make all the difference between life and death, performing resuscitative techniques, and providing emotional support for both patients and loved ones alike.

Truly incredible dedicated professionals who always strive to make a lasting positive impact on those they serve!

2. Nurses Are Very Smart

Becoming a nurse takes dedication and hard work.

A college or university degree is often necessary, and many nurses further their education by specializing in a certain area or attaining their master’s degree.

A nurse stays up to date on the latest advances in the medical field by participating in workshops, seminars, and courses.

They are also equipped with the knowledge, skill, and capabilities to quickly assess a patient’s condition accurately and administer medicine that will promote recovery.

3. Nurses Have Wonderful People Skills

Nurses are more than just medical professionals, they are also known for their amazing people skills.

With compassion, empathy, and patience, nurses establish close connections with their patients and family members that make them feel valued and supported.

From simply being present to lending a listening ear or a comforting touch, a nurse recognizes the importance of building relationships and providing emotional aid that can have a significant impact on their patients’ lives.

4. Nurses Can Get Their Hands Dirty

A nurse is truly remarkable due to their willingness to do whatever it takes to take care of and support their patients.

Nurses deal with a wide range of tasks that can be messy, unpleasant, or physically draining, from administering medicine and performing complex procedures – a nurse does not back down from hard work.

They always strive to go above and beyond for their patients and never shy away from rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty in order to provide the best possible care.

5. Nurses Make People Feel Safe

Nurses are truly incredible for the way they can make people feel safe.

A hospital environment can often be daunting, particularly for patients facing medical problems or dealing with illness or injury.

Yet a nurse uses their calming, reassuring demeanor to create a sense of comfort and security for those in their care.

With excellent communication skills and the ability to explain medical procedures and treatments in an accessible manner, nurses always provide emotional support and comfort to their patients and families.

Whether it’s lending a listening ear, a kind touch, or simply being there to answer questions – nurses dedicate themselves to leaving their patients feeling secure and at ease.

6. Nurses Are Calm Under Pressure

Nurses frequently face high-pressure situations, such as medical emergencies and crucial patient care decisions – yet they remain composed, cool, and collected even in the most strenuous of circumstances.

This is a reflection of their years of training and knowledge, as well as their commitment to professional excellence.

Whether it be in a hospital emergency room bustling with activity or the Intensive Care Unit full of complex conditions – nurses are able to keep their composure and stand firmly by their patients, offering top-notch care regardless of the situation.

7. Nurses Are Team Players

Nurses are incredible for their team-playing skills – they collaborate well with different healthcare professionals, like doctors, technicians, and support staff – to ensure that their patients receive the best possible care.

Their ability to effectively communicate and make decisions together allows them to create optimal outcomes for their patients.

With this capacity to work well in groups, nurses are a vital part of the healthcare system, contributing significantly towards better patient health outcomes.

8. Nurses Have Stamina

No matter how long the shifts in the hospital, how heavy the responsibility, or how pressured the conditions, nurses never waver in their drive and commitment to their job – they don’t run out of energy.

Passionate about what they do and dedicated to their patients, nurses are always ready to help and be there for those who require assistance.

Whether it be working the night shift, responding to a medical emergency, or giving a reassuring hug – nurses stand tall in offering the care that is needed.

9. Nurses Are Highly Organized

Nurses shine in the organizational department, displaying exceptional skills which are necessary to make sure their patients get quality care.

They excel in managing intricate schedules and records while keeping an eye on multiple patients – all at the same time.

Even when liable to high-pressure conditions, nurses demonstrate incredible efficiency and diligence in delivering patient care effectively and in a timely manner.

Being invaluable to the healthcare system, nurses play a great part in enhancing patient health outcomes.

10. Nurses Are Versatile

Nurses are remarkable in their versatile and adaptive nature, performing a variety of duties – from administering medication to providing psychological comfort – with great expertise.

They are fearless when it comes to new challenges, making them invaluable in the healthcare industry due to their diverse skill set and eagerness to take on any kind of care-related task.

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