what is a male nurse called

What is a Male Nurse Called and Why Does it Matter?

So what is a male nurse called? A male nurse is called a nurse. In the nursing profession, there is no gender-specific name or title for a male nurse. Both men and women are referred to as “nurse”. What is a Murse? “Murse” is a slang term that refers to a male nurse. It is

why do nurses think they are so great

Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great? (Hint: They Don’t)

If you Google “why do nurses think they are so great?” you’ll see many articles throwing shade at the nurse community. Examples include: So Why Do Nurses Think They Are So Great? They don’t. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Despite insurmountable challenges, nurses challenge themselves daily to provide the best healthcare for their

nursing school memes 8.1

65 Gut-Busting Nursing School Memes

If you are in nursing school or have gone through nursing school, you will totally relate to these hilarious nursing school memes. Sit back, relax, and laugh. Because who knows the next time you will get a chance to! 1. Happy Nursing School Games 2. When You’re Behind Before The Semester Even Started 3. You

places to study near me

13 Best Places to Study Near Me: Find Your Favorite Study Spot

When I started taking classes for my degree, it was hard to sit down and concentrate. I knew I could learn the material, but it was tough to focus with everything going on around me at home. But when I found a few good places to study near me, I was able to get into